Intellio Human Capital is a company born from the passion of its founders; passion for technology and how it helps clients realizes their business vision. We firmly believe that the success of our enterprise is in the collective strength of our people. We put a premium on attracting and developing the best consultant talent in the market. This talent serves as a great asset to us and our clients. Our progressive employee culture and advanced internal training and development programs help us retain our top talent and give us a competitive edge over our competitors.

At Intellio Human Capital, the satisfaction of our consultants is of the utmost importance. We believe that consulting offers a tremendous career path which allows individuals to evolve both professionally and personally. Our team consists of ambitious professionals who show a passion for understanding and solving complex client business problems through innovative IT solutions.

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Joining the Intellio family? 10 good reasons

  1. Intellio Human Capital has a progressive and open culture, putting employees first. This allows you to share your views, suggestions and concerns to participate in improving your work environment.
  2. Intellio Human Capital is a business designed to be flexible and promotes a collaborative team culture ideal for reacting to sudden changes within projects or the overall IT market.
  3. Intellio Human Capital focuses on several key emerging technologies. This gives you access to constant learning opportunities within highly sought-after IT solutions.
  4. Intellio Human Capital has developed an enviable reputation in the market for IT consulting services. This helps us to develop, through referrals from our customers, major accounts using exciting technology.
  5. Intellio Human Capital is a dynamic company that empowers its young team members and accelerates their career growth.
  6. Intellio Human Capital invests heavily in its training program. This allows you to continue your professional development and better adapt to an ever-changing market.
  7. Intellio Human Capital offers a very competitive salary and benefits plan. This ensures you are paid according to your skills and your true market value.
  8. Intellio Human Capital is a growing company that offers permanent positions. It offers career stability while allowing you to get take on special-interest projects and advance within the company.
  9. Intellio Human Capital maintains strategic alliances with large IT vendors and influential business partners, informing us on the latest trends within the IT sector.
  10. Intellio Human Capital is a company comprised of top professionals. This allows you to work with highly competent people, with different levels of expertise and diverse areas of specialization.