Cloud Implementation

At Intellio, our focus is on clearly understanding your unique business vision and delivering innovative and scalable cloud solutions. We take the time with your leadership teams to establish strategic business priorities. We also work with your key business users to understand their specific needs and challenges. Through our extensive cloud solutions implementation experience and our knowledge of best available cloud solutions within the market, we help organizations turn their business vision into reality!

Our Development services focus on three areas:

  1. Configuration and optimization of your existing Salesforce instance
  2. Custom development in Apex and Visualforce
  3. Selection and integration of best-of-breed business Apps from the AppExchange

Configuration and Optimization

Most of the time, the best plan is to work with custom configuration by working within the platform to optimize business functionality using a clicking strategy instead of using a custom code solution. Our architects and developers are adept at asking the right questions, to minimize your time and cost and to maximize system performance.

Custom Development

When it comes time to customize your Salesforce instance, our experienced development team is there to take you from idea to realization. Our team specializes in extensions within Salesforce as well as customized development on the platform, including Apex application development and advanced user interfaces developed in Visualforce.

AppExchange App Integration

What’s your App Strategy? With almost 2000 Apps within the AppExchange program, the choice can be overwhelming as to what Apps will have the greatest impact on your business. Let us help you choose the best-fit Salesforce Apps to help your vision come alive. We have AppExchange experts to help you pinpoint the best Apps for your unique business needs.