Intellio is committed to developing new products that directly address our clients’ most pressing business automation and optimization needs. Our focus comes from listening to our customers and understanding the gaps in their Salesforce instance’s functionality. Our development product focus ranges from Salesforce add-ons to complex applications related to sales intelligence, project management tools, marketing automation, human capital solutions, and more.

Intellio also works with several close partners who have developed leading native Salesforce applications within specific verticals. We are experts at understanding their key features and benefits and have experience implementing these leading applications at client sites.

These partner applications include:

  • Jobscience – human capital tool that automates the recruitment process helping organizations identify, attract, and match top talent to their open internal jobs.
  • Kugamon – a native Salesforce application that manages your enterprise’s order tracking and comprehensive billing, along with seamless integration of e-signatures into payment processing.