Candidate Sourcing Made Better

Because finding the right people shouldn’t be that hard.

What We Do

End-to-end Recruitment Outsourced to Our Team

We focus on People. You Focus on Your Business

Build a Healthy Candidate Pipeline

End to End Candidate Sourcing

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There is a better way to talent acquisition

The online market is crowded by new job postings everyday.

Finding the right talents in the IT industry has never been so hard. Posting jobs and praying for candidates to come to you does not do it anymore.

That is why here at Intellio, we get things done by building direct relationships with candidates to translate your brand through a more direct and targeted approach.

They call it sourcing. We call it smart and human recruitment.

Candidate sourcing made better

Our approach puts the humans at the center of every interaction. We do not sell jobs to candidates, we do not sell candidates to companies.

We simply act as the bridge connecting talents to the right employers who need them the most.

Don’t believe us, just watch.

Experts in IT Talent Acquisition

We specialize in talent acquisition for the IT industry. In this ever changing technology world, we believe there is a gap in the understanding of the skills and expertise required to deliver on specific needs.

We help business better identify their needs in terms of skills required, making sure they hire the right candidate.

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Why Intellio

We align with companies and professionals who share our vision. We develop relationships with people who create and innovate, using technology to make the future a better place. We highlight your uniqueness to help you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of top IT talent.

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