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We started our IT recruiting business in 2010. Our senior team has worked on high-profile IT consulting projects for many of the largest clients in North America

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We align with companies and professionals who share our vision. We develop relationships with people who create and innovate, using technology to make the future a better place.

Serving The Coolest Clients

How We Clarify

We highlight your uniqueness to help you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of top IT talent.

How We Source

Senior recruiters, the latest sourcing tools, and great consultant and candidate networks, help you build super-talented tech teams.

How We Deliver

Great  relationships plus agile and lean delivery principles mean we deliver top talent…fast!

Working With The Best Talent

Relationships Matter

Bringing you amazing contracts and jobs, helping you do what you love. We’re interested in what you’ve been up to and your next move.

Emerging Tech

We’re in this business because we love all things tech and are focused on the latest technology impacting our future.

Our Tech Focus


Big Data



iFusion Partners



At Incloud Business Solutions, we have the best blend of Business Acumen and Technical Expertise to ensure your success with the Salesforce Platform

HR Tech

Intalent is a team of seasoned HR experts that develop practical solutions in line with your reality and business objectives.

IBM Solutions

Necando Solutions is a strategic consulting firm who specializes in the delivery of the latest cutting-edge IBM solutions. We think IT, we talk business.

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