This Post will be the first of a short series of the “sales lessons I have learned” from a wise man, nearly 10 years ago.

Let me tell you the story of the cutest girl in town.

Nearly 10 years ago I was a young IT guy who wanted to become a Sales person. I had NO experience in sales at all… but I was a nice guy and liked people… so I thought this might mean something… well at least it was a start! So, I worked on preparing my resume and sent it to some companies I wanted to work with.

I was lucky enough to quickly find a role and early in my new career I met people who taught me a lot of simple but important lessons, always in a colourful way. JG and I shared the same office, I was in my early 30s, he was in his 60s. As a young business developer, I had no customers and honestly, I didn’t know how to go get them… JG shared his experience and coached me. Through storytelling he shared great sales and life lessons with me in a very comprehensive way. He would often compare business development and sales to a relationship between a man a woman.

Back then I would spend tons of time cold calling potential customers; Linkedin was still a young company and we had no marketing automation tools either. So, I would spend a great deal of my time “Cold Calling” prospects hoping to turn them into “Customers.” My colleague and coach would say that a desirable prospect/customer is like the “cutest girl in a town.” It meant that I was not the only one running after that customer and that many people also wanted them as a customer. Developing a business relationship is just like developing a human relationship with someone. In fact, all business relationships and partnerships are between people who got to know each other and developed a trusting relationship.

In a few words, there is a lot of competition in business development and at the end of the day we are all humans and we connect with people who are like us and we trust. So, your best ally in business development will be your ability to develop trust and demonstrate you and your product or service brings value.

After all, the cutest girl in town is only a human, like the rest of us!